Wednesday, May 16, 2007

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The Peas

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The evolving medium- Episode #5

Episode 5, the final chapter (for now) from the "5 Peas in a Pod," questions the future of evolving podcast technologies. While vodcasting, providing information via video on demand (VOD), has significant business growth opportunities, its role and impact as a marketing tool is still unclear. Listen in as Michelle and Virginia debate some of these important vodcast issues.

Length of podcast: 6:02

Make Your Podcast Relevant: Use Social Media- Episode #4

In episode 4, three of the five Peas discuss what roles podcasting could have on social media sites like The potential for podcasts on these sites is clearly huge as the Peas come up with endless possibilities, ranging from virtual classrooms to targeted podcasts. Click here to listen to Michelle, Gabrielle and Virginia discover a potential new medium for podcasting.

Length of podcast: 3:42

Monday, May 14, 2007

Anything you want to know...through podcasts- Episode #3

In Episode #3, the "5 Peas in a Pod" discuss using podcasting as an educational tool. Virtually any subject can be discovered through podcasting and—**alert to marketers**—the podcast can serve as a powerful tool for educating consumers on just about any product or service imaginable. The peas discuss some of their favorite podcasts that they’ve used to educate themselves on such quirky and random subjects as bonsai gardening to dating advice. How to find and search for specific-themed podcasts through iTunes or various search engines is also discussed.

Length of podcast: 4:44

The right podcast can make you money- Episode #2

Rise and shine, it’s the dawn of a new way to make money over the internet! Independent podcasts are platforms for advertisers to reach a targeted audience. Got a podcast that reaches families? Perhaps Disney is a good partner for you. Or should Disney have its own podcast to keep its customers engaged in its products and services? Virginia and Hannah discuss where there is money to be made through podcasting.

Length of podcast: 4:15

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Let's talk about podcasting, baby! Episode #1

In the first episode of "5 Peas in a Pod," the Peas take a look at the Top Ten Marketing podcasts as determined by IdiotVox, a search engine, directory and recommendation engine for portable media content. The Peas examine what's good and bad about these podcasts and provide listeners with ten tips podcasters should keep in mind when creating a podcast.

Check out the inaugural 5 Peas cast here.

Length of Podcast: 6:18

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Welcome to 5 peas in a Pod: An IMC venture into the realm of marketing podcast tools

Thank you for checking out our blog, which serves as a platform to provide you with useful podcast-related marketing information. If you are new to the world of podcasting, we believe you will find our content informative (and possibly entertaining!) If you're a PRO at podcasting, and just want to know more about how marketers can use podcasts to enhance their businesses, we also have a little something for you!

Question: Who are the "5 Peas in a Pod"?

Answer: 5 Northwestern University Medill Integrated Marketing Communications graduate students, tasked with developing their very own podcast episodes to address the use of podcasts in marketing today.

Collectively, we are "5 Peas in a Pod"

Individually, we are...

Mary Clemens

Michelle Ehlert

Gabrielle Gibbs

Virginia Russell

Hannah Wilson

While podcasting may complement and enhance other organizational marketing initiatives, it is important to consider the potential long-term value generated from using this tool. Measuring the impact a podcast has on a target audience is neither a simple nor static process. Yet, to better understand the future role podcasting will play in marketing strategies, the ability to quantify this value is critical

Happy podcasting... ENJOY!