Sunday, May 13, 2007

Let's talk about podcasting, baby! Episode #1

In the first episode of "5 Peas in a Pod," the Peas take a look at the Top Ten Marketing podcasts as determined by IdiotVox, a search engine, directory and recommendation engine for portable media content. The Peas examine what's good and bad about these podcasts and provide listeners with ten tips podcasters should keep in mind when creating a podcast.

Check out the inaugural 5 Peas cast here.

Length of Podcast: 6:18


J said...

I like howl you all went to different sites and truly showed the "wrongs" of them but not in a sense of being superior but just showing howl a podcast or any type of website should be more practical and not so much for "self".
Myself I'm looking into buying templates and such for my own personal business dealing with photography. I want to get a business selling my pictures. And if this takes off maybe evening offering my services for other things outside of what I usually do like portraits and events. Listening to you all discuss the pros and cons in this episode has added on to the insight and ideas I already had. And that is not only get someone to visit my page/business but the get them to come back.
On the topic of advertising someone mentioned howl a website should be advertised and avialble for all no matter what the language hence it's the webmaster's "responsibility" to provide that option. Being what it is - world wide web I find that to be a very hard thing. Especially if it's not a big company. Maybe after time and I do know that some OS come with such a thing but when you're paying thousands for a site and then more for advertising the last thing you think about is what's lost in translation. LOL Though I do understand the point. If it's a common and sought after product then you're losing money not reaching say, Germans.
You all did a great job though reaching out to the masses the way you did. I also like that, though scripted, I was still interested in what you all had to say about the different websites as well as the approaches they used. :)
I'll check the rest of the episodes over the weekend.

And Michelle, no more stuttering next time. ;)

Loki D. Wolf

Anonymous said...

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