Monday, May 14, 2007

The right podcast can make you money- Episode #2

Rise and shine, it’s the dawn of a new way to make money over the internet! Independent podcasts are platforms for advertisers to reach a targeted audience. Got a podcast that reaches families? Perhaps Disney is a good partner for you. Or should Disney have its own podcast to keep its customers engaged in its products and services? Virginia and Hannah discuss where there is money to be made through podcasting.

Length of podcast: 4:15

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Anonymous said...

To my untrained ear, podcasting seems to have found a middle ground between the all advertising all the time format of local radio, and the ad-free content of satellite radio.Having said that, it seems to me like a big portion of the podcast demographic is going to be listening to their chosen content while en route. Otherwise, the immediacy of television or radio would seem to win out. How would this affect advertisers marketing plans, supposing that podcast content is sometimes a day or two removed from the real-time, fast paced content of today's media?